Thursday, January 19, 2012

A New Venture: Peacock Mercantiles ETSY Shop

A New Venture:
Peacock Mercantiles ETSY Shop

My dream is to one day own a brick and mortar store that sells gluten free baked goods and hand made artistic items. 

"Selling Happiness", as a good friend once told me, just like the recent explosion of cupcake shops.  A store that offers not only gluten free, delicious baked goods, but options within those gluten free goods.  Sugar free, grain free, vegan.  How happy would you be if you could go to an actual place and buy something freshly made, delicious, and within your dietary guidelines?  I would be thrilled. 

I love the idea of creating a welcoming space that improves people's livelihoods, offers confidence and security with the food, and houses a curated collection of top quality, hand made artwork, housewares and jewelry.  I want to bring my dog to work with me and be a part of the community, forming lasting relationships. 

While The Almond Flower with its gluten free, grain free, sugar free focus is a more recent passion of mine, food and art have always been my wheel house.  I've thought of myself as an artist since I was little and I've always been a maker- I have lots of ideas and love figuring out how to make them. It wasn't until later that I really became interested in food and cooking.  When I complained about my mom's cooking and she told me to just do it the way I wanted, well that was pretty much when it started.  I watched The Food Network obsessively for a whole summer and learned about sweating onions and and searing meat. 

Teaching art has been really interesting, rewarding and has provided countless opportunities to learn and grow.  I love building confidence in the little ones and interacting with so many of them everyday.  Teaching is also really frustrating, difficult, and not a lucrative career.  My hope is to continue to grow The Almond Flower and Peacock Mercantiles and fill my days with more creative endeavors. 

I'd like to share with you now a current limited edition of Infiniti Loop Scarves with Flannel Plaid and Lace details.  They are simple and casual with a little pop of style.   

Gray Jersey Knit and Upcycled White Lace Infiniti Loop Scarf

Gray Linen with Metallic Thread and Flannel Plaid Infiniti Loop Scarf
From PeacockMercantiles

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