Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Quick Weeknight Dinner (Homemade & Healthy)

I stopped at MOM's (My Organic Market) on the way home from work today.  I got my usual 5 lb. bottle of clover honey, Kombucha drinks and jarred (not canned) tomatoes.  I love MOMs.  Everything there is good quality, grown and produced by responsible companies.  The building itself is wind powered and a huge banner reminds you to "Terra pass your gas" as you enter.

Among other things that most people seem to detest, like staying in motels, visiting the public library and riding escalators, I also love to grocery shop.  MOM's is small enough that I don't get tired from roaming the aisles and I feel great about everything I buy.  There are plenty of things to be tempted by, but instead of main stream ice creams and cheese flavored snacks, I want to find a reason to buy amazon berries, sprouted ground flax seed (I do think I'll actually buy those soon) and chocolate covered coconut.

And to top it all off, MOM's workers carry your bags out to your car for you.  I mean when does that ever happen!?

I'm not feeling so hot today, I've felt a cold coming on for the past week and in the evenings I feel really tired and run down.  So dinner tonight had to be easy, satisfying because we were STARVING, but also healthy and energizing.

Quick Weeknight Dinner (Homemade & Healthy):

  • Savory Italian Pork Sausages
  • Mashed Cauliflower
  • Quick Cabbage Slaw

I was swooning over this video at Roost where the act of slicing cabbage and whisking a vinaigrette was amazingly beautiful.  I made a similar cabbage slaw with carrots, raisins, green cabbage and a quick apple cider vinegar dressing. I picked up these gluten free, sugar free Niman Ranch Sausages at the store and heated them up on the stove top.  And because every meal isn't complete without three items, (does anyone else feel this way too?) we had a side of leftover mashed cauliflower.

I took a sick day tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.  I plan to sleep in if I can, leisurely drink my delicious organic black tea in the morning, and hopefully finish my book.  Then I started thinking of all the other things I could do- frame pictures for the wall, paint the end table, go for a hike, do all of my laundry, hem my pants...and on and on the list went.  I keep reminding myself to just stop it and relax tomorrow.  The point of taking a sick day, afterall, is to get better and feel rejuveinated.

So here's to doing things that bring us pleasure (food shopping!), eating the food that's best for our bodies (cabbage!) and tuning out our ever-spinning minds and taking the time to rest (sick days!).  

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