Sunday, May 20, 2012

Mint & Clover

This happens to me every Spring and Fall- I want to move out to the country.  Bad. I want to drive down a two lane road with my windows open and see green everywhere.  I want to sit on my back porch and hear lots of birds.  I want to sleep with the windows open and hear all those night time sounds.  But I have this amazing quality of wanting something and disregarding all the negative aspects.  So whenever I'm feeling unsettled or unfulfilled, I take a break and force myself to imagine the day to day details.  And while I do really want a space where I can get out of town, breathe fresh air and slow down, I know that I'll be okay not having that for a while.  But wouldn't these tiny cabins be so cool to escape to!

For a little change and to bring some freshness inside, I cut a few stems from a mint plant I have on the back porch.  Originally from my parent's back yard, I planted a mess of mint last Spring.  When it flowered I pinched the flowers and crumbled them over the dirt, hoping it would replant and continue to grow this year.  Well it did, and we've had enough rain that I don't really have to water it.  As for the cuttings- they began growing roots after a couple of days and they've been growing just in the water for a few weeks now.  I plan on either replanting them or using them in iced tea, but it's been really nice having them in the kitchen window.

 And here's our lovely Clover dog. Look at her cute little face!  She would love the country too.  Luckily, where we are in Arlington, there are so many country-feeling trails and parks that are so close and accessible.  She loves to get out and explore and I get my fix of pretending I'm out in the mountains.

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UPlife said...

so cute. let's go hiking in Shenandoah and maybe tubing too....turn on some country music and sing out loud...ride some horses....Virginia has it all and it's not just for lovers...well maybe not