Thursday, July 5, 2012

Melon & Prosciutto Summer Lunch

I confess that I have lots of favorite meals, but this really is one of my favorite light lunches.  Sweet, delicious melon with the kind of flavor only a ripe melon has.  Creamy and filling cheese.  Briney, thin slices of prosciutto where the ham is cured only with salt.  This kind of meal feels so right to eat on a hot, summer day.  

And you know I love my farmer's markets.  This Comte cheese is from a new vendor at the Columbia Pike Farmer's Market on Sundays. He and his wife moved to the hills and started making their own cheese.  They're finally ready to sell, and this cheese was great.  Also from the market on the pike, a melon that looks like a cantaloupe on the outside, but it's light green on the inside.  I love this fruit and vegetable stand because the whole family works.  The daughter takes my money and does mental math faster than I even will. The prosciutto hails from a meat vendor at the Courthouse Farmer's Market on Saturdays.  They cure it for less time than what is required to label it prosciutto, and it's made in Virginia- so the real name is actually "Vasciutto".  

Melon & Prosciutto Summer Lunch
serves 2

1 pack prosciutto
1/2 ripe melon
1/2 block of hard cheese

separate the slices of prosciutto and arrange them folded in layers
cube the block of cheese into bite size pieces and make a pile
halve the melon, core the seeds and cut the rind off
slice into thin, personal sized slices

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