Thursday, August 16, 2012

Eating Gluten Free: Updated Restaurant List

My First Strawberries & Cream From Cake Love

I've been working part-time at Cake Love in Shirlington (come visit!) They make "Cakes from Scratch" using pure, all-natural ingredients.  Warren Brown started the company 10 years ago with his flagship store on U St. in D.C. and is beloved by the community.  Along with their delicious flavors like Toffee Crunch and Amaretto; Cake Love also sells low sugar, vegan and gluten free cupcakes and cakes. I met two lovely ladies today in the shop, one who happily bought up the gluten free cupcakes.  She was diagnosed with Celiac Disease after what sounded like many uncomfortable and uncertain years. It was great talking and it made me think about making the transition to eating gluten free, no matter your stage in life.  Eating a true gluten free diet is the only treatment for Celiac Disease.  It can be so hard to switch over (habits, traditions, preferences, taste, texture, expense, frustration) but I've heard from so many people that it works, and it was worth it. 

For me, it was sweet relief. The day I was diagnosed was the day Chris and I moved in together.  His buddies helped us move, and as a thank you I bought pizza for everyone.  That night I ate my last piece of traditional pizza, paid for it dearly the next day, and haven't looked back.  I do miss those comforting, tasty, convenient foods. But more important are the things I've gained: my health, my physical comfort, and the knowledge that my body is less likely to degrade and cause suffering, now and in the future. 

Because I can't eat a lot of foods when I'm out, I really appreciate restaurants that are GF friendly or have GF menus.  It's been a while since I've posted new restaurants on my Restaurant Guide.  Here are some local gems (make sure to ask which foods are GF):  

Eating Gluten Free: Updated Restaurant List

Columbia Pike, South Arlington
Taqueria Poblano: Authentic Mexican Grill
William Jeffries Tavern: Eclectic American Food

Clarendon, Arlington
Delhi Club: Indian
Rabbit Grill: Fresh salads and sandwiches, and Red Velvet Cupcakes
Northside Social: Coffeehouse, soup and salad, and fresh baked goods
The Liberty Tavern: Seasonally influenced menu, modern American cuisine
Lyon Hall:  French Brasserie Cuisine
Mexicali-Blues: Mexican and Central American Cuisine

Old Town, Alexandria
Teaism: Asian-inspired food and Tea
Hank's Oyster Bar: Great Tasting Seafood, "Urban Beach Food"
Austin Grill:  Fresh Tex Mex

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