Thursday, November 8, 2012

Live a Creative Life

Gray and Pastel Stripe Tote

I type this as I'm baking Simple & Savory Rolls, eating a scrambled egg and drinking a yogurt smoothie.  A double batch of rolls to last a while and so I can freeze some- although that never really works because Chris and I just plow through them.  A fresh scrambled egg, which is so simple and delicious, we eat them every morning.  And a yogurt smoothie that's been sitting in my fridge since Sunday.  Still good!

I'll be posting a recipe soon for apple cake, but for now I wanted to share more thoughts on the creative side of life. 

I've written before about it here, here, here and here
Pacing The Panic Room has a new series, Do What You Love.
Etsy created the series, Quit Your Day Job.
I stumbled upon Lena Corwin's blog,
and then there's Leah Duncan's site and Etsy store.

I've been getting up earlier than normal lately so that I have time for me when I'm fresh in the morning. Sometimes I read with a cup of hot tea, sometimes I bake a batch of muffins, but  most days I'm glued to this computer searching through these wonderful posts and blogs.  Amazingly, this 1 hour in the morning has made me a much happier person.  I start the day off on my terms and have a little centering, down time before I head to work.  Then in the evening I have time to go to yoga, walk the dog and make dinner without feeling like I've done nothing for myself and my creative outlets.

As for the creative side of life- I want it to be more than just a side.  There are a few hours a week when I can work on my side projects, my artwork, my recipes and my blog.  I LOVE working on these things and it's terrible every time I need to stop and clean up.  Just awful.  When we have a really calm and free weekend, or a day off of work, I long to sew, paint, bake, draw and write.

So what are the real, concrete steps to making my whole life what I want?  That's what I'm thinking on these days.  If you could start a new project, be more creative everyday, or switch to a life centered around creativity- what would you do? 

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