Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Bars

Well hello again, cookie bar.
Here's why I love making these.  You don't need eggs, it cooks in under 15 minutes, the topping is really easy, and they taste good made butter or with vegan options.
To translate this to a vegan recipe, replace the butter in the cookie layer and peanut butter swirl with coconut oil, grapeseed oil or margarine and use vegan chocolate chips.  Then boom- a vegan cookie bar that tastes super delicious and indulgent.
I made these for friends last night and since I already substitute honey for sugar, I didn't want to add coconut oil which brings a stronger flavor.  I used semi-sweet chocolate chips which have added sugar, and so I only ate one (well, and then another this morning...) and they could probably be a little sweeter, so maybe milk chocolate chips would be the ones to use.

You may remember my Peanut Butter Layer Bars and my Vegan Pecan Pie Bars, inspired first by Elana's Pantry's version.  Enjoy!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Bars
Cookie Layer
2 C blanched almond flour
1/4 C melted butter (or oil of your choice)
2-4 T honey

Chocolate Layer
11/4 C semi-sweet chocolate chips

Peanut Butter Swirl
1/2 C smooth Peanut Butter
2 T honey
1 T melted butter
sprinkle of salt

Preheat the oven to 350
Prepare the cookie layer by mixing the blanched almond flour, melted butter and honey
Press into a square glass baking dish, or a square disposable foil pan and use a fork to poke the dough a few times
Cook for 12-15 minutes until just toasty brown and dry on top
Meanwhile, make the Peanut Butter swirl by mixing the peanut butter, honey, melted butter and salt and set aside

When cooked, remove the cookie layer from the oven and sprinkle the chocolate chips on top
Return to the oven to 1-2 minutes until the chocolate chips start melting but do not burn
Use a spatula to smooth the chocolate chips into an even layer
Then use a spoon to pour/drizzle the peanut butter swirl on top of the smooth chocolate layer
Use a knife tip, fork or tooth pick to swirl the peanut butter icing amongst the melty chocolate

Cool in the fridge if you want the chocolate to be a harder layer.  Serve warm if you want the chocolate to be a gooey layer.

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Hanna Sajdak said...

I made this in my college dorm room and oh boy did I not regret it. These were so good!!
I featured them on my blog: