Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Have you been to Middleburg lately?

Chris and I got away this weekend to Middleburg, VA just on the edge of Loudon County.  We left early so we wouldn't hit ugly traffic and drove the country roads to get there, which is a favorite past time of ours.  This was the only available weekend the B&B had until November, and we scheduled it really last minute, so we just went!  It's really nice to get away, even if it was only 45 minutes.

We stayed at Briar Patch B&B.

We drove through historic Aldie on the way there- the cutest and smallest main street.

Middleburg was the closest town, and we shopped and ate there for lunch and dinner.

And on Saturday we drove to Purcellville and shopped at their Community Market and Thrift Stores.

It was really cold and rainy/misty- not the best time to visit an area known for its vineyards and wineries...but still lovely.  I just pretended I was in the English Countryside.

What i ate:

Breakfast was provided where we stayed and they made fresh Gluten free pancakes and french toast!

Dinner at The French Hound.  We shared cauliflower soup (with no toast points), mussels (with fries instead of bread), and Scallops over risotto with a Balsamic glaze.

Lunch at Market Salamander.  We shared sweet potato soup (no biscuit) and a side of beet salad. Then I had the ham sandwich on french meadow gluten free bread.

Dinner at Julien's, a family owned affair.  We shared beef carpaccio, baked mussels (chris ate all of the bread), and a baked chicken served with potatoes and green beans.

Everyone was so knowledgeable and happy to accomodate.  The atmospheres were lovely and the food was delicious!  I've never eaten so well for a whole weekend, it was amazing.

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