Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Food Confessions: What's in my Fridge

Curious about what we eat on a weekly basis? I've found that I tend to buy the same things every week and just use them in different variations.  I'll always buy chicken breasts, but some days we make pan seared lemon chicken and others we make sauteed chicken pieces with mushrooms and onions.  I tend to make simple dishes, there aren't many multi-step meals in my daily routine anymore.  This helps me enjoy the cooking process in the evening, which is important because we cook a whole lot.

When I'm planning meals for the week, I plan around the meats and vegetables and buy enough so there will be left overs for me to take for lunch.  I also make my grocery lists according to the food sections in the store. I group dairy items together, then the meat, then the fruits and veggies, etc.  This helps me to remember items for my list that I may have overlooked and it makes the shopping trip faster.

Snacks are sort of my downfall.  I try to eat small snacks often during the day, but they have to be healthy. Otherwise I'll eat anything because I'm so hungry and five cookies a day is a BAD idea. So I try to add a few extra easy to prepare and bring to work snacks every time I food shop.  This way there are always options in the fridge and in my lunch bag.

What's in my Fridge:
2 dozen cage free eggs
grass fed butter
cheddar and swiss cheese
greek yogurt
grass fed beef
organic/free range chicken
chicken apple sausage
all natural bacon
applegate farms ham
red grapes (organic if possible)
honeycrisp apples
frozen green beans
frozen peas
organic mixed greens
big leaf green lettuce
red pepper
Tuna salad
synergy kombucha
organic carrot juice

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