Saturday, June 1, 2013

Gluten Free in Luckett, VA

Luckett is a little area in Loudoun County, Virginia along Route 15 near Leesburg. There you'll find The Old Luckett Store selling antique and "vintage hip" items.  And in the front yard you'll find The Cowbell Kitchen, a permanent food truck serving local, seasonal goodies.  You can read more about the proprietor, Cheryl, here.  She's lead an interesting life and in her words, "Beautiful food brings me to tears. A few years back I worked on a farm and it changed me forever. My goal is to serve up locally sourced produce, fruits, dairy, meats and whatever else I can get my hands on. I am committed to forming an alliance with the wealth of farms and purveyors that provide me with an exciting range of ethically raised and carefully crafted goods. I would love the chance to influence, inspire and educate with food." 

The Cowbell Kitchen is fun and cute and little did I know, serves gluten free bread!  On our way into the store, I overheard a woman chatting about gluten free food at Glory Days and my ears perked up.  Then I realised she was eating a gluten free sandwich purchased right there from Cowbell Kitchen!  Things like this make me really excited people.  Really excited.

Being gluten free means that I have a different relationship with food compared to people who can eat normally.  I love visiting new places and eating really good food, but I'm always anxious and concerned that there won't be gluten free options, or the options will be limited and not very tasty.  Basically, I don't want to waste my time, calories or money on food that isn't awesome.  And gluten free food can be really awesome!

I'm so excited to visit The Cowbell Kitchen again.  Here are a few other gluten free items:

Gluten free sandwiches made with Rudi's bread
Route 11 potato chips
Local Trickling Springs Dairy organic yogurt smoothies and yogurt
In the cooler months she makes vegetarian and meat based soups that are always gluten free
Sometimes there are seasonal side salads or local cheese plates

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