Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Gluten Free Kitchen Renovation!

How's summer going for you?  It's been exciting for us over here because a new kitchen is in our sights. We've been eating off of paper plates, making a lot of tuna fish salad and ham sandwiches (two separate items, although I did combine them one day out of boredom), and frankly- eating out quite a bit.  I did make my Banana Waffles over the weekend- a great idea until I added chocolate chips and they made a disaster of my waffle maker.  But the batter you see in the picture?  I just microwaved the whole mess and it ended up making a tasty little cake.  I love recipes that started out as a huge mistake.

We bought our house this past November knowing we would renovate the kitchen.  We live in Alexandria between Potomac Yard and Del Ray and these town homes were built in the forties.  They're old, quirky and just big enough for us, a dog and we're hoping two kids.  We chose location over size and I'm so so happy we're here.

But the kitchen, Oh the kitchen!  Originally the back of the house was a separate dining room and teeny tiny galley kitchen with a FULL WALL separating the two.  I mean it was small. Lucky for us the previous owners did a lot of updates to the house, including removing the walls in the kitchen and dining room.  But, they still kept the original foot print of the kitchen as a super small galley kitchen with a stove in the corner and a peninsula directly across.  I could only reach the stove from one side, there was probably 4 square feet of counter space, and two people could definitely never fit in there together. So! We finally found an awesome contractor (contact me if you'd like his info) and went with a new kitchen design that uses the whole back space as an eat-in kitchen.  Meaning we moved the fridge to the side wall, made the original kitchen area a corner kitchen (no peninsula) and are planning to put a normal sized dining table in the center.  We'll be able to comfortably sit 4-6 people!!!

Here's a sneak peak: Yes that is a floor to ceiling pantry, space for a full sized fridge AND extra counter space you see!

Poor Clover though, she didn't know what to do with all the noise, people, dust and stuff everywhere.  So  she just went and slept under the table (which at one point was in our living room with our fridge, new appliances, china cabinet and island). We went with it and moved her dog bed there.

Check back in a couple weeks for the big reveal! 

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