Monday, July 1, 2013

Gluten Free in Ghent (Norfolk, VA)

Chris (my husband) grew up in Virginia Beach.  A lot of his friends and family still live there, so we visit not often enough and try to sneak in a few easy beach trips every summer.

This weekend we stopped by Ghent in Norfolk on the way home to grab breakfast with his mom and sister before we headed back home.

Ghent is an adorable area with small town charm. There are old brick buildings, beautiful row houses,  shops and restaurants; and a lot of  gluten free friendliness!

The pics above are from Fairgrounds Coffee.  Among other treats, they serve vegan and gluten free muffins from My Vegan Sweet Tooth in Richmond, VA.  I tried the zucchini muffin and loved it! We ate brunch at No Frill Bar and Grill which had a separate gluten free menu.  You gotta love a place that makes it easy!  The portions were good sized, the service great and the food very yummy.

Here's a link to gluten free friendly restaurants from Urbanspoon
And Urbanspoon's list of Ghent restaurants
Green Onion and A.W. Shucks (seafood) are two more options not listed above. I'm sure there are even more restaurants that can accomodate gluten free- I just have't contacted all of the restaurants in Ghent.

And just for fun, two posts I found on Ghent, Belgium:
glutenfreeworldtraveler and itsgottobeglutenfree

Let me know if you've had any gluten free experiences in Ghent, Virginia or Belgium, that I can add to the list!

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