Monday, August 26, 2013

For Sale: Custom Painted Wedding Gifts

My grandfather was a wood worker and gave framed wedding invitations as wedding gifts.
He cut the mat, decorated it with flowers that he pressed himself, and then framed it all in a frame he made from reclaimed barn wood.

So when my friends started getting married I did something similar, but with my own twist.  I make custom Wedding Invitations with Painted Mats; and Wedding Bouquet Paintings with Personalizations in a mat or on a canvas. Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your co-workers!

Wedding Invitation with Painted Mat

Wedding Bouquet Painting with Names and Date Personalization

Here's how it works:
- Contact me with your order and I will set up a reserved listing through my Etsy shop, Tumblewild. I will contact you when the listing is ready. Purchase the painting and shipping (if necessary) and once purchased, I will move forward with your order. If you are local, we can discuss other forms of payment.

- You choose a product, design, and color scheme (usually the wedding colors). Then I create a custom painting fitting with the mood of the wedding or the couple's personality.   But remember that each painting is unique and original and is subject to my artistic whims and style.

Design Choices:
Traditional Design: Blended Colors and Painterly Florals
Modern Design: Playful Colors and Simplified Shapes

For a Wedding Invitation with Painted Mat:
- If you are local, we will set up a time to give me the invitation.
- If you are not local, then you will send me a photo of the invitation and the exact dimensions.
(When delivered to you, you will have to affix the invitation to the mat)
- Once I receive the invitation or image and dimensions, I will contact you to discuss the design.
- I will order a mat from the frame shop which takes 1 week.
- Once I receive the cut mat, I will create the painting which takes 1 week.

For a Wedding Bouquet Painting with Personalization:
- I will contact you with the names and date for personalization, and the colors and design that you prefer.
- You will choose either a painting on 100 lb. bristol board in an oval mat, or on a 10x10" square canvas with 1.5" profile
- Once we discuss the information and design, I will create the painting which takes 1 week.

- Paintings are packaged in a clear cellophane bag and sturdy mailer (for non-local orders) or brown bag (for local orders).  Paintings on canvas will be packaged and mailed in a cushioned envelope.
- I'll contact you when the painting is in the mail, or to set up for a local pick up.
- I do not deliver.  If you are local, please plan to pick up or pay for shipping.
- Shipping is $10 for inside the United States.  Shipping is extra for Canada and other countries- please contact me for these prices.

Price, size and framing:
- All unframed paintings are $55, $65 if you pay for shipping within the U.S.
- The wedding Invitation with Painted Mat and Wedding Bouquet Painting measure 11x14 and fit in any store bought frame. Frames are not included with this purchase. If you are local and picking up, I will include a frame for $85 total. Unfortunately right now I am unable to mail the painting in a frame.
- The Wedding Bouquet Painting on canvas ships as is and is a ready to hang canvas.

I'm proud to continue the tradition that my grandfather started and it makes me so happy to create a handcrafted gift that is custom made for someone else to cherish.  I'm happy to work with you, contact me with any questions or custom orders!

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