Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gluten Free in Oil City, PA (Near Pittsburgh)

Gluten Free in Oil City, PA (Near Pittsburgh)

Okay I know most of you probably won't make a trip just to visit Oil City.

We were there this summer with a group of friends at their family's river house in Rockmere- a little community on a private street with houses that line the Allegheny River.  We slept with the windows open, ate breakfast sandwiches everyday, grilled out, and sat around the fire pit at the water's edge every night.  We went into town a couple times to shop at Ingle's, the local grocery store and the ladies did some antique shopping when the men went golfing. The town's a little depressed but it's set in the mountains and is full of amazing, old architecture.  Not everyone feels the way I do, but towns like this make me want to change my life and move there I love them so much.

We ate at Double Play Sports Bar  for our one dinner out and it was fantastic! We stopped in the day before and chatted up the waitresses when the kitchen was closed and found out that they make their wing sauces and dressings from scratch.  They were crazy nice and helpful and so happy to accommodate.  I ordered a side salad, baked potato and we all tried a bunch of wings- they were awesome. You people from the north love your fried but non-breaded wings and now, so do I!  There is not an actual gluten free menu, so I would definitely advise cautious GF eating.

Up the road from us was Strawberry Delight- the cutest ice cream shop ever- and I ended up sharing vanilla soft serve with hot fudge. I read the ingredients for those items and the chocolate soft serve and was fine, but again, no gluten free menu here!

Mosaic Cafe is the only restaurant listed on Urbanspoon as gluten free friendly and Spilling The Beans is a coffee shop and cafe where Chris worked a couple afternoons.  The menus looks amazing, and I feel pretty confident they would have tasty GF options.

Ingle's grocery chain had a lot of gluten free items for sale in the aisles, but they also labeled their products gluten free. Don't you get this excited when you find gluten free stuff where you least expect it!? 

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