Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Our Wedding and Two Years Later

I never wrote a Wedding post and now it's been two years!
Two years of really great, really normal times.
Life with Chris is easy, loving, fun and I am so amazed that we found each other and are such a good fit. I mean really amazed.
We wanted our wedding to feel like a big party with not too traditional elements. Our friend married us, we laughed during our vows, we ate gluten free wedding cake and little cakes from my family and friends. My friend sang as we walked down the aisle, my dad played a song he wrote on the guitar for our first dance and my friend crocheted my shawl.
It was really fun and full of love and when we got back to our hotel room late that night we played our wedding playlist and danced in our undies.
(Happy Anniversary my love!)

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