Monday, December 2, 2013

Happy December! And Four Simple Goals- Before 2014

Clover Cuddling

Happy December guys! I have to say I'm kind of happy that it's December and it actually feels like winter around here. I love the seasons for the sort of forced change that it brings to my habits and for the clarity that comes with more quiet down time . I walk my dog right when I get home to enjoy the last of the daylight, I go to bed a little earlier because it's already been dark for four hours and in general I'm more introspective because I stay inside, work on my projects and drink a lot of tea in front of the window.

I found this post on A Beautiful Mess where she created four simple goals she can attain by 2014 that are simple and enrich your life but are not results oriented, they are activity oriented. She writes, "Each of my goals for this season are intentionally chosen to help me focus on the everyday and create quality memories and keep me from getting stuck in a rut."

I've decided to focus on living a simple, happy, creative life. There are small things I can do now to live that kind of life AND that will help lead me towards the bigger things I want to do in life. Write a cookbook, open a shop, design fabric- I want to do all those things and these little goals will absolutely help me get there. I'll be healthier with better hair and cute tattoos! 

My Four Simple Goals Before 2014:

1. Practice Yoga at least twice a week

2. Eat a lot more Kale- try daily or even twice a day (In smoothies and cooked food)

3. Try dry shampoo and new overnight curly hair styles

4. Decide on a new tattoo design for my arm

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