Saturday, January 4, 2014

2014 Goals, Also known as "Get My Act Together 2014"

This Fall I decided that I'm ready to leave teaching and that I want to open a GF Bakery and Art/Gift Shop.

In a way it was a really simple choice because when I sat myself down and asked the questions, "what do you really want, what have you always wanted, what makes you happy?" that was the answer I got. I need to lead a more hands on, creative, happy life and opening the shop will help me do that, as well as lead to more opportunities in the future.
Teaching is awesome in a lot of ways but for me, it's also really hard and frustrating in a lot of ways. I'll be sad to leave the kids and the title of Elementary Art Teacher is just the sweetest. But I think the title of GF Bakery and Shop owner is pretty great too.
Emotionally the decision has not been the easiest. What if I'm not successful, what if my family and friends don't support me, what if nobody ever comes to the shop and people hate the food? But truthfully I know that my family and friends will visit the shop and be happy for me, that I'll be filling a need for different gluten free baked goods and cool art and gifts, and that even by opening the shop I'll feel successful. I'll obviously be writing way more on this in the year to come!

So now that I have some big things to work for, I can start accomplishing goals for this year.

2014 Goals
Organize facets of the business on Google Drive and create the Business Plan that way (for now)

Continue to blog here at The Almond Flower and continue to paint and sell over on Etsy

Continue to get custom wedding painting orders

Have a baby!

Organize needed recipes for the bakery and for a future cookbook, bake those recipes and photograph really well in my style

Get everything else in my life organized and simplified, get things in order

Pay off my credit card and save as much money as I can

And I have to include my General Personal Goals, because they have influenced the decisions I've made up to this point, and I want to make it a point to try and always live this way.
General Personal Goals
live a simple, happy, creative, meaningful life of my making

find and show my true self and style, who I am and what I stand for

focus and weed out the extraneous, organize and simplify

commit to my ideas and the things I want in life

trust my gut

Make meaningful, quality things that add to this world and make others happy

Make stuff that I LOVE

Be with myself and nature with good music and quiet time

Be kind, happy, peaceful and inspired every day

Have more daily freedom and room for my dog, babies and kids

What are your personal goals for the kind of life you want to live? 

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