Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why I Love My Rescue Dog

Sometimes people tell us we've bought our ticket to heaven for adopting Clover (multiple people have said this). Then there are a few who have cried when they've first met Clover and we told them her story: she was trapped under a trailer with a wire embedded in her leg. It got so infected that by the time someone finally called about her, antibiotics didn't work and they had to amputate her leg. She was under that trailer with a new littler of puppies and they couldn't nurse because she had turned septic. Some of them died but the rest were flown up here to a surrogate dog who nursed them to health and they were adopted out very quickly.

But we feel that we're lucky to be matched with the perfect dog for us. She doesn't really smell, she barely sheds, she's friendly and cuddly and just the sweetest. So here are some reasons why I love her so much.

1. Every night she comes upstairs and tries to sleep in our room, but we have to put her in the office because she snores. She'll walk into the bedroom, look back at us, look at the space where we keep her extra dog bed under our bed, look back at us and wag her tail- it's so sweet.

2. She grunts like a pig when she eats.

3. Because her back right leg was amputated, she can't scratch her right ear, so it's always itchy. I clean her ears out with q-tips but for the daily self-cleanings that she does with her paws, she'll stand close by or lean into us on her right side so we can rub her ear for her.

4. Sometimes she'll sniff all around my face, find my ear and sniff really loudly and then lick it- like she's going to clean it too. This girl has a big pitbull type jaw but she is so incredibly precise and gentle when she's checking things out.

5. We have a dog bed for her in our living room but she prefers to cuddle up on the couch. She'll sit right on top of us and curl up, or she'll lean into us with her full weight and put her paw on our lap, or she'll sit up like a person and then lean backwards onto your lap and fall asleep in the most ridiculous positions.

6. She is a super happy and sweet dog. She runs up to anyone visiting our house and greets them with a sniff, a nudge and a tail wag.

7. She's sweet, gentle, calm and patient around little kids. My favorite memory is of her and our friend's daughter who was then 3. I looked over and they were laying under the table facing each other and she had Clover's face in her hands, whispering to her. Clover just laid there and did absolutely nothing. It was amazing.

8. She's super low maintenance and really just wants to be near us. We can spend the whole day in the house and she'll follow us to different rooms and lay down. We love to go on drives and she'll sit for hours in the car calm and patient. And we'll bring her to the beach and after she chases seagulls and eats waves, she'll just come lay on the sand next to our chairs.

9. She loves to be outside and when she's having a great time she'll look back and check on us, then run a little faster.

10. She absolutely knows when we're feeling down or sick and she'll hop up on the couch and cuddle us in just the right way for as long as we need.

Want some more animal love?
Meet Poinsettia, this little cutie is available for adoption at The Washington Animal Rescue League
and check out Operation Paws for Homes where we found Clover.

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just a mom said...

Awwww, I'd love her, too! You're a superhero!