Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Clarity, Part 1

An interview with Lisa Congdon on WoodNotePhotography

Today I'm talking about finding clarity in all of my ideas, how to make them real, letting go and asking why. I've found reading the following posts to be extremely helpful in dealing with my billions of ideas, having the confidence to pick those things I really like, that I believe in and that I think can make me money, and staying true to the reasons I want change in the first place. Notice Lisa Congdon above. She is a self-taught artist and illustrator who started drawing at age 31. She wanted to be herself and do what she loved and I am OBSESSED with her and her neon pink accents.

In a recent Letters for Creatives email from Kathleen Shannon, she writes about how having a good idea is not enough:

"...having a good idea is not enough, because guess what? Most people have good ideas – what makes a creative stand out from most people is their ability to make it real."

On the Braid Creative Blog, she writes about how to turn vision into action instead of just having lots of ideas:

"You’ve probably got a notebook chock full of ideas. Awesome. Start considering which one you’d like to bring to life. Your ideas serve nobody, not even yourself, until you can even bring just one of them into action."

"I’ve found that there are two solid ways of designing a game plan – either by starting from the very beginning and considering the first smallest step you can take. Or you can start at the end where the idea is a total success and work backwards from there."

At the end she links to Rochelle from Lucky Lucille  who wrote a post about having too many ideas, letting go and re-focusing on the things she really loves:

"I didn’t realize how much I was letting my sewing and my blog suffer by working on these other ideas. The time was adding up and I was spreading myself way too thin. NOTHING was getting done because I was working on everything."  You know, like those quotes "you can have it all, but not all at once" and "you can do anything but not everything". 

I'll finish the quotes here with another Braid Creative Blog Post, "Why am I doing this?"

"It can be confusing to make sense of how all your creative passions fit together. And when you try to do, be, and offer All Of The Creative Things You’re Good At you run the risk of confusing your customers, diffusing your expertise, and worst of all becoming burnt out, spread thin, and/or paralyzed by potential...When I ask “why” I’m able to get clear about my intentions."

Stay tuned for a Clarity, Part 2 post where I talk about my many ideas, how I'm making some of them real, what I'm letting go of and the Why behind all of it. Invigorating, I know. 

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