Friday, May 9, 2014

My Dream Bakery

My dream bakery would be open 10-4, small and cozy, with a mix of rustic, sweet and modern. The space, atmosphere and attitude would be low-key, welcoming and not fussy. My friends would come by to visit or work a few shifts and I'd sell some artwork, teach small fun baking classes and drink green smoothies any time I wanted. My baked goods would be just like this blog's recipes- grain free, natural sweeteners, local farm butter and eggs and we'd use seasonal fruits from the farmer's market. I'd make pies, cakes, muffins, treats, cookies and donuts, definitely donuts.

I visit bakeries everywhere I go and I think the feel of the place is so important. You're selling delicious baked goods that make people happy or fill them with nostalgia. The people working there and the look of the place have a huge impact on the overall enjoyment and I want mine to be kind and inviting. I love these bakeries and shops below for their style, the simple design, rustic qualities and eclectic nature.

(I know it's not a bakery, but I love the mix of vintage, handmade and pops of current design)

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