Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's My Birthday!

(Our family's go-to birthday cake)

How timely that I just read this post on DesignMom and I feel the same way! She just turned 40, I'm 32 now, but I get the pressure and hype around a birthday. So for this year I just listened to myself and realized that I didn't want to plan anything for my birthday. On my actual birthday I want to go to dinner with Chris and last Saturday I went to a vineyard and stayed over with my college roommates/soul mates. I didn't want to plan another thing on a summer weekend (they always get so filled!) I just want to relax and be free to do whatever comes up.

My birthday always falls at the end of the school year so I say it's the best birthday present. But the flip side is the end of the school year is always super stressful, crazy and busy. I always tidy up the art and storage room at work, order supplies in bulk for the fall and try to finish personal to-dos as well so that when the last day of school hits I feel like I'm really on vacation. This year I added getting lessons prepped and ready for the fall and organizing lessons for all of next school year because I'll be hugely pregnant when I return in the fall; and then I'll be out on maternity leave for the middle of the school year. I think I've mentioned this before- that I never thought of myself as a planner or go-getter but I'm definitely turning into that, it turns out I'm good at it, and I like it!

So even though it added more work to the end of the year crazy, I started early and it allowed me to really get grounded for next school year and not worry about the work aspect. We'll have a new baby and that's a whole new project to learn and worry about, so having other things settled feels really great.
We're going on vacation July 1- which is basically like a huge birthday present. And I wanted to do something for myself but I didn't want it to be centered only around material goods (like my typical new shoes/bag/anthro purchases).

So this week I decided to do something small and nice for myself everyday. A little treat that I wouldn't
normally indulge in, but not something so big that I felt stressed about spending the money.

Sunday- I used my store credit at Current Boutique, a local consignment store and bought a cute little summer dress that fits over my belly!

Monday- Starbucks stop on the way to work for a decaf iced vanilla latte (my favorite) and two expensive fruit drinks (used my gift card)

Tuesday- a few new maternity tees from Old Navy

Wednesday- (my actual birthday!) Today may have to be another iced latte day...and then Chris has surprise dinner plans for us

Thursday- Pedicure

Friday- I think I'll buy a new album on itunes

Saturday- I want a new body scrub or lotion, something fresh for summer

Happy Birthday June babies!

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