Saturday, June 21, 2014

Time for Change

Stella Maria Baer from Design*Sponge

I like change. I think it's good, I think it's healthy and I think it keeps life interesting. I very much like the comforts of home, I'm definitely a homebody. But I want to live in different homes and places, try new things and new foods, find new neighborhoods and shops. I don't ever want to get so comfortable and settled that I don't challenge myself to grow and try new things. Over the years I've realized that Chris, my husband, started a sort of informal life mantra which I have adopted: "don't go backwards". We use this way of thinking in big ways, like when we bought our house and in small ways, like when we're out on country drives.

At the time we were house shopping, we were renting a condo in South Arlington and had an opportunity to buy the exact same version in another building. I wasn't sure about it though and my friend ended up saying exactly what I needed to hear, "why would you want to do the exact same thing!?" and she was right. We had rented that condo for 3 years and loved it and the neighborhood. We wanted to stay in that area and were sad when we realized we wouldn't be able to. Trusting that there was more out there for us made it easier to move on and eventually we found our current home. A 1200 sq foot row house built in 1942. It's not in our first choice neighborhood, it's small and it's old. But there are positives too. It has a finished basement with a full bathroom and an exterior door so we can have guests with out a problem. We've heard we may be able to build a top level, we could definitely build an addition on the back, and we have a parking pad and long back yard where we could build a garage or a studio. We have room for a deck, a patio, and a small garden. All things not possible in a condo with no yard or lot and with condo fees. For us, buying this house was a really good move.

In small ways we "don't go backwards" by literally not turning around, we just move forward or take a new route. Chris and I like to take drives on the weekends with our dog, Clover. It's something we started doing because it's cheap, Chris likes to drive, I like to get out of town and see other little small towns, and then we usually find a park or trail to walk Clover. So when we're out exploring we just keep walking or keep driving. We don't just rely on the google directions or the main street we just walked down. This little way of thinking has helped me be a little braver when it comes to new places and new situations.

Right now this applies to two big things in our life. We're having a baby, due in October, and god knows we'll have to let go of a lot of our old way of life! Hopefully we'll manage dealing with all these new things, moving forward and not dwelling on old comforts we can no longer have with a new baby. And next year I hope to start a gluten free bakery which means I'll eventually have to leave teaching elementary art. I know it's what I want and that leaving a career that I'm comfortable with to pursue something new and full of challenges and unknowns is the step I have to take.

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"When we take a leap, change our course and direction, something is lost and something is gained... We may lose our comfort zone and gain some new mastery." I hadn't really thought of this before even though reading it seems obvious. You have to be okay with letting go and moving on, knowing that the next step is right for you, change is good and you will grow even though you will lose some things. 
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