Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Grain Free Brownie Collection (Obsession)

I love brownies and so does my Dad. They're so chocolatey, but different from a slice of cake or chocolate sauce on a sundae. They're rich and velvety, filling without being too sugary. They're just so good! Out of all of these that I've made, my favorites are the simple ones. Classic Brownies with a hint of espresso, and Cream Cheese Swirl Brownies because the slight tartness of the cream cheese pairs really well with the rich chocolate base. Give me a simple brownie and I'll find ways to eat it five times a day.

Chris and I are back from our Pacific NW vacation. I'm still posting pics from our trip on Instagram and I'll have some posts about traveling gluten free in Portland, Seattle and Vancouver in the next few weeks. We made some good habits over our trip of being out of the house and walking around for most of the day, drinking a green juice most days, eating smaller meals and not watching too much T.V. So we've talked about trying to keep up those habits this summer and we're doing pretty well so far!

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