Monday, July 7, 2014

My Rules for Summer

Chris on our roof
 Girls trip to Asheville, NC (post coming soon)
Clover Dog on a summer walk, which really means just lay in the grass 
All pics from my Instagram

Chris and I are on vacation in Portland and Seattle; and today we're driving to Vancouver! We've been loving it. You can see more pics over on my Instagram  and I'll be back in a few days. Happy Summer!

My Rules for Summer

1. Wake up early and enjoy the morning

2. Shower and get ready for the day before 9:30, and wear a bra

3. Drink fun iced drinks- like peach water, mint iced tea, and iced herbal teas with honey

4. Clean and organize the house

5. Leave the house and do stuff

6. Take a siesta

7. Go on vacation/weekend trips/day trips and be inspired

8. Only read books I love, and re-read books I love

9. Do something in the evenings and summer nights

10. Remember that around us in Virginia the humidity kind of sucks and to wear less clothing, wear my hair up, drink cold drinks and move slower

What are yours?

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