Saturday, August 23, 2014

Shared Office and Art Studio

I wanted to share a little tour of our second bedroom- a shared office and art studio. Soon it will include a nursery and I'll be sure to take pictures of that cute little space too! We live in a tall and small 1200 square feet old brick rowhouse. The top two levels where we spend most of our time add up to only 800 square feet! 

The futon is from Overstock, and the shelves and tall shelf are from Ikea. The work table was made by my grandfather from reclaimed barn wood and we removed the two leaves so it's easier to sit at. I found that great work lamp at goodwill and all it needed was a tightened screw and the white chair is thrifted from my parent's house. The posters are printed for cheap from an old OhHappyDay post and I sewed the curtains from some creamy fabric leftover from my grandparent's and then added mini black pom pom trim. 

The filing cabinet, small island and mini drawers are all Ikea found on Craigslist or at Goodwill and the owl print is from Gingiber on Etsy. On our office side we had to really scale down and keep things organized so we got a smaller desk from Target and try to keep the top pretty clean. I have some of my paintings up on the wall and a few inspirational quotes up on the corkboard. The black desk lamp is from our old family farm and the fabric wall hanging is from NewHouseProject on Etsy.

I had to think hard about what I wanted to keep in this space and so I ended up getting rid of a ton of art supplies. Now the space is used for blogging, painting and sewing and my husband can use the work table too when he wants to spread out. It was sort of hard and sad to get rid of so many materials and project ideas, but I tend to work better when I have a little more structure and limitations, so for now I feel okay about what's left in the room!

Even though it's small I love how we found the right furniture pieces that fit the room and help with storage and work space. It's easy to get carried away when decorating the house or designing a space and just spend tons of money on things. So it's been fun to make things work, find items for cheap and then still enjoy the space. I love coming up here in the mornings with my tea and reading my favorite blogs, opening the window and looking out at our massive tree in the back yard. 

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