Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby Update: 36 Weeks!

A pic from my shower with my loves from College (I was more like 32 weeks in this picture)

So I'm four weeks away from my due date now and that is crazy!

I still feel like I can't believe I'm pregnant. I've always wanted to have a baby. I've wanted to be pregnant and feel what it's like to grow a baby inside of me, and I've wanted to hold and raise a baby of my own. But to actually be here now, experience it and know that we'll have a baby in a few weeks, it's amazing and also so weird. I've had some issues along the way- headaches in the beginning, allergies in the beginning and again now, interrupted sleep, sore hips and shortness of breath, sometimes weird digestion. But overall I've felt really comfortable with being pregnant and I love that you can basically just let go and the baby will still grow and get everything it needs to thrive inside of you.

We're getting there, but still have a few things to do before the baby comes. Some of these are things I thought of and some are pieces of advice from other moms.

Clean my car and scrub down the seats and windows before the car seat goes in
Clean the house in all of the nooks, baseboards and under the furniture (I don't want to clean it but I'd like it to be cleaned- important difference)
Clean out the fridge and freezer and prep a couple of my kind of meals and baked goods
Get a pedi and mani (it's not really advised because there are some spots when massaged that may induce labor- but I realllllly want them)
Buy a few more nursing bras and tanks. Also getting my head around breastfeeding a new little baby every two hours
Figure out where to attach a toilet sprayer for cloth diapering in our three level house- basement bathroom near the washer and dryer, or top level bathroom near our bedroom?
And I just realized, we're going to have a real baby newborn with us pretty soon- how the heck do you take care of them! So I've been reading up on that as well.

But really, it's all fine. If none of that happens before the baby comes, we'll do it when we can. And if we don't know something, I have more than willing to help friends and family, and google is only a click away.

Some things kids have said at school (for most of the students they knew I was pregnant and saw that I had a belly last June at the end of the school year. Now of course, my belly is bigger and for Kindergarteners they are just learning that I'm pregnant):

"Did you have your baby? Are you having another one?"

"But how does the baby get in there?"

"But how does the baby come out?"

"Did you eat your baby? Can I eat a baby? I'M GONNA EAT A BABY!!!"

"Um, your belly's big. Are you having a baby?"

"Hi Baby!" (On the way into class)
"Bye Baby!" (On the way out of class)

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