Sunday, September 28, 2014

Grain Free Pumpkin Inspiration

I had big plans this weekend- to make pumpkin donuts, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake. Instead we finished eating the double batch of banana muffins I made two weeks ago, half of which were meant to be given away as gifts. I love my Banana Bread so it was fine, but I definitely have not felt on top of things in the kitchen or for the blog.

The baby's due in less than a month now and Chris and I are tackling a few to-do lists, but I'm also trying to enjoy these last few weeks by being outside in this amazing weather and not stressing too much. Saturday I went to Crafty Bastards with my friend Sara and saw a bunch of artsy vendors, ran into my midwife, had the most amazing gf butterscotch pudding from RIS inside Union Market and bought the perfect Dream Tent Print from LauraGeoge. You can see pictures of the other vendors on my instagram. Chris and I finished the day with a little hike in Rock Creek where you can barely believe you're in the middle of D.C. and ate AMAZING gf pizza from Pizzeria Paradiso.  They offer all of their pizzas on a 9" gf crust for $2- not bad. We got the Macellaio and the Genovese and loved them.

Enjoy these Grain Free Pumpkin Recipes, maybe I'll actually make one of them!

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