Thursday, September 4, 2014

Welcome September

I've been reading Rebecca Egbert's blog lately.

I found it through andKathleen from BraidCreative and I like it because it's a mothering blog that's not all homemade lunches and back to school outfits (even though those are cute too!). Plus, she's a bad ass. Our baby will be coming this season and I wanted to find sources that offered support and strength, and I've found it with Rebecca Egbert. Most recently I read her post Begin Again and it was exactly what I needed. A little push to start anew with the end of summer, the last stretches of my pregnancy and the beginning of my (tenth!) school year.

She read reports on the new moon in September and says, 

"The reports told me that it was a time of new beginnings, and acknowledging endings that no longer help or serve you. It was time to let the things die that need to die off, and birth the new.

Makes sense with the “back to school” energy all around, harvests happening whether in the backyard or in large fields. It’s September and it is time for rejuvenation. A time to slow down. A time to regroup and set some intentions for the completion of 2014, because anything you put into place right now and start moving forward will set the tone for what’s to come."

I'm interested in  new moons and moon cycles, but I know nothing more about them than just skimming the surface. I read Thirteen Moons by Charles Frazier this summer and I like the idea of living a life more in tune with the cycles of nature. So this idea of new beginnings, acknowledging endings that don't help you, letting go of some things; and getting excited and working for other things- this has really hit home. 

This summer I ended up spending most of my time finishing house projects. Our home is in really good shape but there were projects that were looming over our heads. I wanted to use this time of energy and excitement to get things settled the way we like before the baby comes. I know we'll still have time here and there to do stuff, but I wanted to do the things we could now so that our house looks good and feels comfortable. 

I had hoped I would do more baking and blogging of recipes and posts, but it takes a lot more time than I planned for. It was good to realize just how little I did and how if it's something I want to pursue, which it is, I need to carve out time to bake, photograph and write in the way that I want.  

What ended up sitting on the back burner was painting for my Etsy shop. I just didn't have time to fit it in and I wasn't even that inspired. I'm not giving up on painting, but I need fewer thing to focus on for a while I get myself centered, start the new school year and prepare for the baby.

I'm letting the things that are fading anyway fade, I'm preparing for new beginnings in a way that makes me comfortable and I'm thinking of what I really want so that when opportunities come I'll feel ready. I'm also feeling really happy with where things stand right now in life and in work. I've worked hard for them, organized and prepped and now things are running pretty smoothly.

So here are my intentions for the completion of 2014:

- set up baby things in the house 
- finish decorating and house projects
- prepare and educate myself on a happy birth and caring for a newborn
- rest, eat snacks and healthy meals
- keep baking and blogging
- teach with this quote in mind, "Teach with passion but manage with compassion."
- trust that the things I want and work for will happen
- and towards the end of Fall we'll have a baby (!) so I don't have any plans after that except to nest and nurture myself, the baby, my husband and our dog. I'll be going back to work in the new year and I don't want to fill this new, special, irreplaceable time with lots of expectations, to-do lists and projects. 

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