Monday, October 13, 2014

Thoughts on my Pregnancy (Before I Have this Baby!)

I love thinking, "this is my only first pregnancy and first baby!"

It was easier than I thought

I was not as healthy an eater (Cheetos and fruit snacks...) and did not exercise as much as I thought I would. I did walk everyday and I consider walking up and down our steep row house stairs part of my exercise!

I didn't really have strong food cravings . In the beginning I wasn't very hungry and didn't have any food preferences. Then I had to eat smaller meals more often, but they ended up just being lighter, snack foods. And now at the end I'm much hungrier and I wake up in the early morning hours because I'm hungry. But there was really only one day recently when I craved steak and a couple of days I've craved milk and chocolate ice cream. It's more like I just preferred certain things and then was over them- like I wanted grapes for a week and then I'd had enough.

I thought the baby moving inside of me would feel more monumental. It kind of just feels like some lumpy thing that I'm aware of.

I weighed more than I wanted to when pregnancy began so I ended up focusing on my weight more than I wanted to.

Then, even though I gained weight, it was all in the belly and I actually lost fat from all my extra fat parts (arms, thighs, bum).

A lot of my cute "loose" shirts from before actually still fit me now.

Not until the last month has it felt uncomfortable to sit, lay down, walk, or take the stairs.

This last month feels way different. The baby feels bigger, I started waddling and I just feel like I'm chock full of baby.

I really really really value comfortable shoes and pedicures with great foot massages.

I didn't think about how hard it would be to tie my shoes. I simply can not do it.

I've been thinking a lot on how I want my body to look and feel after pregnancy and I really want to get lean and mean.

I CAN NOT imagine being pregnant and having other children!

I've loved being pregnant while teaching. The teachers are all really sweet and concerned and the kids are especially sweet and excited. I have to answer the same questions twenty times a day, but it's worth it. They're so loving and I'm so happy I get to experience that with them. 

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just a mom said...

Congratulations! I enjoyed being pregnant, but that was a long time ago! I look forward to pictures of the new baby. I'm a crazy gramma now, who always wants to talk with new moms and see the babies!