Saturday, December 13, 2014

Grain Free Holiday Cakes Inspiration

We're heading to a Holiday Party today and I'm bringing a version of my Cardamom Cake as a sheet cake topped with caramelized pears. Sounds so good right?! I love bringing my baked goods to parties. They're something I know I can eat, they're an indulgent dessert but without the total sugar crash, and they tend to be crowd pleasers that people are surprised to learn are gluten free. So when planning what to bring to the party I went through a whole string of ideas of what to make and I ended up with a long list of delicious cake options, too many to try just for one day. Do you go classic chocolate and sweet vanilla? Or the more traditional holiday route with spices and citrus? Or do you combine chocolate and spice, chocolate and citrus, and do you use buttercream frosting or go without? Really important questions at 9pm last night guys.

Happy Holiday Baking!

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