Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Three Months

Happy three months to our little James!

He's cooing, randomly shouting, spitting bubbles and I get a laugh out of him every so often.

He just keeps filling out and his little belly is too wide for a lot of his pants now!

We were starting to lose it again when James began waking up every two hours during the night after a nice hiatus of that. Then I did some research and found WeeBeeDreaming Blog  whose advice has been amazing and is really working. The idea that babies not only need but love sleep has really stuck with me. So instead of worrying more about getting enough food and play time, I've been focused on more sleep time and that's made for a much happier and calm baby (and parents!)

I start work, and he starts daycare, in a couple of days. Blah, I'm sure there will be a whole other post on that. But it's a necessity right now so it helps to know there's no other choice. I'm just planning on crying it out for the first couple of days and let's be honest, soothing my soul with ice cream.

Right now I feel so lucky and still slightly in denial that I'm a Mom. We made it to three months which feels like a huge accomplishment as well as no big deal. He's going to keep growing and changing so we just kind of have to jump on board and go along with it.

Here's what I'm excited for: our spring break trip to Cali and Austin, two months away! The end of the school year, another two months! And then starting the bakery business, indefinite! And I'm so curious about and excited to see James start to scoot and crawl, hear him laugh and babble and swim for the first time. 

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JulieB said...

What a beautiful little boy. Those pictures really made my day!