Saturday, May 16, 2015


I've seen this book everywhere and the basic principles, that your items should "spark joy" and that you should thank other items for their service and then sell or donate them, really work with me.

The feeling is very liberating. Things I thought I would keep forever end up being donated. When we were getting the nursery ready for James, I went through a serious nesting phase.  Because his nursery shares our office/studio space it meant that I needed to get rid of the majority of my art supplies. We needed the space, but I also needed the room to feel right and look good. Cozy, comforting, useful but not every little nook filled with stuff. Inspiring.

At first I was very emotional about letting my art supplies go, because that meant I was accepting that I wouldn't be working on art as much as I would be doing other new things, like raising a baby. It was hard. But after a little while I realized that I haven't worked on those art projects in months, if not years. So I had been keeping these items around, always considering them, but never doing them. It was a constant consideration and it weighed me down. Now I've simplified down to my sewing machine and basic sewing supplies, a small set of paints and paper, and a handful of pretty colored pencils. All things that I can easily move to another room and which feel light and do actually "spark joy" when I look at them or think of them. Now I know they're there when I need them but they don't weigh me down with too many options or pressure.

So going through every area in the house from our hall closet to our basement storage is like that. I start, I have emotions, I get rid of stuff, I take another look and get rid of even more stuff. Maybe I give a little too much away and I'm sad about it, but then I realize that's fine too.

On a deeper level, taking an honest look at the stuff I have and the way I spend my time means taking an honest look at my life, how it's actually going, and if it's what I want.

So to simplify our stuff is helping me keep the focus on my goal of opening a gluten free bakery. The time I do have is spent towards a few choice things now: taking care of James, eating healthy, exercising and being outside, and working on all of the details to make this bakery happen. A little blogging on the weekends if time permits, and a very little amount of painting here and there.

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